Shieldmaidens and Skjoldmø

The following was posted by Rig Svenson on Facebook.

A shieldmaiden was a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior in Scandinavian folklore and mythology. Something about a woman who wields a sword well that so appeals to me.The Grágás or Grey Goose Law is the name given to the laws which were used to govern the Icelandic Commonwealth until some where around 1262-1264CE. It consisted of six sections, the fourth of which was “The Wergild Ring List”. Wergild, was the reparation paid by an individual to compensate a family or clan for theft, injury or death. The revision of these laws of 840CE makes various provisions, including for the payment of Wergild by Skjoldmø. The nearest translation of Skjoldmø is “Shield Girl”, but it is important that we do not confuse them with the popular fantasy figure of the “Shield Maiden” (think Opera's Brunhilde) but rather honed professional warriors, given rights, privileges and status of their own within Norse Culture.

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Connecting with the Divine and Spiritual Growth

Sometimes the drama llamas and misinformation I see on the internet regarding the Gods and relationships with them, just makes my head hurt. I thought it might be beneficial to just say a few things to many of the newer faces we have among us.

When it comes to connecting with Loki or any other deity, there's 2 easy things you can do to start that relationship off.

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Witches & Pagans - Heathen & Northern Tradition Theme Magazine Now Available

Hi guys,

I actually have an article in this issue of the Magazine over the Holy Tides, there's also content from a range of people from Diana Paxson, Lorrie Wood, Raven Kaldera, Galina Krasskova, one of the ladies behind Hex Magazine, and many, many more!


Nine Worlds Have We

Part of a new song I'm working on....


Fire and Ice, Met one day
At the yawning void
From it sparked the life of all
The things that we do know

Day and Night, they come and go
Sun and Moon course by
Nine worlds have we of the Tree
The Gods are always Nigh

Elf and Dwarf, Giant too
Aesir and Vanir
Spirits of the lands and seas
Are always near to thee

Seasons Change, People Die
Life goes on once more
We live on through our words and deeds
Not by keeping score

Song: Twist and Weave on iTunes

My song about the Norns (the Goddesses Verdande, Skuld and Urd), as featuring a new musical arrangement by Jenn Mayes and performed by her pagan ensemble group: Bell, Book and Canto, is now available on iTunes.


While you're there, be sure to check out the rest of their album Invocation for other songs that may tickle your fancy!

You can see a procession of the song, from my original concept: http://lokis-dottir.livejournal.com/103874.html, to Jenn Mayes' first crack at it: http://lokis-dottir.livejournal.com/137917.html, versus the latest iteration now on iTunes.

Wyrd Designs – King Radbod and the Importance of the Ancestors

originally posted August 10, 2011 at Patheos

This week on August 9th many Heathens who are members of the Asatru Alliance, or who opt to use their calendar, set aside time to celebrate the life and memory of the Frisian King Radbod (680-719 CE), who is a hero to many living Heathens and Pagans today.

Christian missionaries came close to baptizing King Radbod, but before carrying through with the ceremony and conversion he asked a question, “Where are my dead ancestors at present?” Wolfram the Christian missionary answered, “In Hell, with all other unbelievers.” Upon hearing this, Radbod changed his mind about converting and replied, “Then I would rather live there with my honourable ancestors than go to heaven with a parcel of beggars .” Beggars here refers to Christians as a whole, but also to the long-time enemies of the Frisians: the Franks who were by this point in time primarily Christian. Radbod then expelled the missionaries from the kingdom for no other reason than how important his ancestors were to him. He could not bare the thought of being separated from them.

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Sacred Pagan Sites in Berlin – Hel’s Pond

originally posted August 3, 2011 on Patheos

Recently I had the immense pleasure and privilege of being able to spend two weeks in Germany and Denmark on vacation. While parts of the trip were solely for my own personal amusement, I also made it a point where I could to meet up both with local heathens and to venture to holy sites, depictions of deities and artifacts. One of the very first things I made sure to do when I reached the city of Berlin, was to go pay my respects to a site sacred to the Goddess Hel (or Hella), nestled among the modern and very lushly green city today.

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Heathens Support Fallen Soldier At Anti-Westboro Baptist Protest

originally posted on Patheos July 13, 2011

On June 13, funeral services were held in Nashville, Tennessee for U.S. Marine Sgt. Kevin Balduf who was killed in action on May 12 while serving in Afghanistan.

The friends and family of Sgt. Balduf were faced not only with the task of mourning someone they cared for, but with the unwelcome attention of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, who announced their plans to protest at his funeral services.

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Wyrd Designs – Understanding the Words – Wyrd and Orlog

originally posted June 11, 2011 at patheos

The concepts of wyrd and orlog are interconnected, but can sometimes prove to be stumbling blocks as their meanings are learned. In Heathenry we have no absolute concept of one’s fate, rather we have a notion that our destiny, or doom is comprised by choices and while a certain fate may come to pass, we also have the ability to make other choices to potentially change it. To understand how wyrd and orlog are connected, let us explore the meanings of these words.

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