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and so the wheel turrns...

Yes, I am still around and kicking. Ever since my surgery back in December, while I am feeling better, after a long day of work the last thing I want to do is to sit in front of a computer some more, or try to focus my thoughts into something coherent. That is of course not to say that I haven't been ruminating about alot of late. For the last few weeks I have a joint project with my oath-sister on my mind as I try to mentally map out and organize the data. I never start anything until I have a rough outline at the least of what I want to do and cover, and unfortunately I tend to go off on so many tangents, I have to brainstorm all that mental diarhea out first, before I can then pare away the tangents and focus on the true corpus of the project.

I did have a lovely Nerthus faining not to long ago. It's been so long since I was able to go to a ritual with other people that had a clue about the sacred, and truly who are connected to the Gods. You could feel the threads shifting during the faining, and the sumble later that night. I don't need a formal ritual structure to feel that connection, but when you attend gatherings where the godhi/gythia doesn't correct people who when during a blot for the disir allows someone else to say "here's to the mother-in-law I hated, thank the gods I never have to deal with that bitch ever again" and not correct them during the ritual... you know there's a problem. Or who in the middle of someone's hail, goes out for a smoke. Yes, sometimes rounds can go long, but that's when you call a break.

Friday, my work is having a special tour as part of the Take Your Kid to Work program, since it falls during Spring Break for most of the area students in my area the timing works out well, so the kids don't miss school. Why I have no children of my own, HR was kind enough to allow me to extend the invitation to some of the children in one of the area kindreds. In the end though, only one of those kids will be taking advantage of this opportunity... and let's just say where I work is a pretty cool place for kids! While it translates into me having to get into work much earlier than the norm on that day... to be able to encourage one of the kids with some career insight, I feel is an invaluable experience. So I'm very much looking forward to it.

My job role primarily falls into Marketing, and as one of the... most inane, lamest moves I've seen in a long time the SciFi Channel announced that they will be changing their name to.... *drumroll please* the SyFy Channel. Yes, it's a homonymn. Why such a silly move? Because they feel it will allow them to escape the "geek" mindset of 'SciFi'. I'm sorry, why are you 1) alienating your core demographic and 2) choosing such a silly name that frankly only appears geekier than the original, as if now you're trying to only appeal to the l887 young net lingo speakers or super techie (wannabe) hackers. It's as bad, if not worse as the Ad campaign Pepsi has been doing--where they redesigned their logo to capitalize on the rise of Obama's popularity, and are using it as the letter "O" in billboards and ads that simply read "LOVE" or "HOPE" or "JOY". If I didn't know about the campaign in advance, I'd have NO clue what it was selling. And while some of the ads do come with URL's, the problem is those urls are so small to read they look like a copyright notice at first glance and thus aren't noticed at all. All I can say is, Pepsi, you just blew a wad of cash.


Oh consumers are lazy, that's why some of the new marketing coming out of Japan with cel phones is fantastic, as people can see an ad and "text" it to buy it immnediately. They're even using it at fashion shows for ready-to-wear lines. Granted cel phones are also walking bank accounts, and can be used to rent DVD's and even by flowers in kiosks in the subway in Japan. The entire campaign is in my opinion failing, but when even the modest URL might have a chance of reaching the consumer (some folks are curious!) the fact you don't even notice it... well certainly doesn't help the already failing campaign.