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Ah the joys of double entendre...

Teabagging now used to protest wasteful government spending, consent to join on April 15th!

This news clip from the Rachel Maddow show over on MSNBC is a riot to watch, as they struggle to maintain serious about the organized 'teabagging' protest against government spending, and some other definitions of the term.

See the clip for yourself.

Really excellent double entendre just tickles my funny bone every time, and the way they're 'playing' with the word during the news cast is just... priceless.


The link does not work, but I just wanted to say I have an awful famous person crush on her.
I found the clip on youtube, so I updated the post with a link to that file instead.

I don't watch MSNBC, I have a crush on Andersoon Cooper over on CNN, I first fell for him when he co-anchored World News Now for ABC back in my undergraduate days.