Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

Scotland - Wodenic Tree of Life

Irony = attending a Scottish Festival locally, when your sister is on a plane to the actual country.

Yesterday I attened the Texas Scottish Festival as a social outing with some other DFW area Asatru. While the heat did me in, I did get a good 5 hours out at the festival, enjoying the music, catching up with friends from out fo town who had also come into town for it, some refreshment, and some shopping.

One of my purchases was of a stylized Celtic Tree of Life pendant, in an oblong type of shape, the center of the tree however is depicted with an eye. The tree to me seemed much more like Yggdrasil accompanied by Wodenic eye, so I picked it up to where for those purposes.

P.S. A warning to those on my friend's list. I have a backlog of news articles I'm going to begin filing on my LJ, so there'll be alot of posts from me in the near future that will be for news article archive purposes, instead of featuring any commentary from me.
Tags: jewelry, odin, scotland, yggdrasil

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