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mead of inspiration...

I'm aiming to finish up a complete rough of my thesis by the end of the weekend. I've got about 1.5 chapters left to write... but now that I've introduced all the theory and definitions and background and methods of analysis, the rest is merely giving proof evidence and tying it into the already established theory. So wish me well, and I;'ll take whatever prayers and raised horns people are willing to offer. And a horn is somehow appropriate... considering that every time we raise the horn it echoes back onto Odin's acquisition of the mead of poetry. ^_^ I could use some poetic inspiration. That's probably why I always speak with Odin and Saga to help inspire me as I'm writing this thesis, and I think that without them and my oathsister tamyris, I would still be stonewalled with a horrid writer's block way back at the beginning. 45 pages done.. and several more to go.