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News: Norse Pagan Cemetery Planned In Oslo

Norse Pagan Cemetery Planned In Oslo

Monday May 18, 2009
In Norway, the Aasatrufellowship Bifrost will soon have their own burialplace. The fellowship is an Asatru group based out of Oslo, and has been legally recognized as a religion in Norway for about ten years. The cemetery will be shaped like the outline of a ship, and will probably be used as a place to store funerary urns.

The Bifrost fellowship says, "Our goal is to gather those who want to worship the old Norse gods and keep the old traditions alive... We want to take care of the heathen cultural heritage and keep it alive and updated through practice based in the study of sources and innovation in the heathen understanding of history, myths and the forces."

Last year, in Odense, Denmark, a Pagan cemetery opened up at the request of Forn Sidr, Denmark's officially recognized Asatru group. In the United States, Circle Sanctuary operates a cemetery on their property in Wisconsin.

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