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Althingi dig at Reykjavik

The following is a personal entry on a blog from one of the folks currently working the archaelogicl dig at the althingi site in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Source: http://alexsotheran.blogspot.com/2009/04/gaman-av-drmmer.html


God, how I'd love to take part in that!!!
In some ways it'd be a fantasticaly mesmerizing experience, in other ways the level of work involved makes me long for my shower at the sheer thought.
I did work on archaeological digs in Israel, waay hotter country to do physical work in, but its nothing to die from. If I could afford to fly there now, I'd say give it a go!
I've been to Israel, very weird place but I loved it there. Glad I went when I did back in Christmas of '95.

But no, it's not the heat, as it is the dirt, and sweat and manual labor. :)
I don't mind dirt and sweat but I think I have an archaeologist mindset :D Israel is an amazing, crazy place.
I fell in love with it. :) It has a very strange, harsh beauty, well except for like parts around Galilee.
you didnt like Galilee?
Whoops, I guess I wasn't clear. No I liked the area, but I wouldn't classify the area around Galilee as "harsh beauty" it's far more lush than other parts of Israel, especially if you're comparing it to like where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, or Masada, or even around Jerusalem.
Well yeah, thats quite lear now :D Yeah you dont have to introduce it to me, travelled around quite a bit earlier on