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Viking-Age festivals in Russia

Viking-Age festivals in Russia
June 9, 2009

It is not something extraordinary that the historical reconstruction of the everyday life of 9-11th centuries exists in Russia. The Vikings served as soldiers of fortune in the ancient Russia; moreover the legendary founder of the first Russian ruler dynasty was Ryurik, a person coming from Scandinavia. There are many Scandinavian artifacts found in the settlements on the Trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks. The culture of the Viking age in Russia demonstrated a fancy symbiosis of the different cultures, so fans of the medieval history have great possibilities for self-realization. As a result, or maybe by accident, the Russian historical reconstruction clubs studying this period are notable for accuracy in simulation of clothes, culture, habiliments, and arms. This direction of the historical reconstruction seems to be the most developed one in the country. There are three big festivals worth to mention and to visit in the first place, even when you are not enthusiastic in historical reconstruction.

Gorodetskoe gulbische

“Ancient Russia with your own eyes” is a slogan of the festival “Gorodetskoe gulbische”. The permanent organizer is the Ratobor club. Gorodetskoe gulbische doesn’t have any fixed place and happens every year on the new one. The festival is devoted to the simulation of the all aspects of the reality of the 9-10th centuries, including different nations and social classes, war and peace. From one hand, you can see a military camp and exhibition performances and competitions of medieval martial arts. From the other hand, there are concerts of folk music and master class in traditional Russian crafts. The visitors can participate in many activities, except the dangerous ones. The tourist groups can enjoy the Prince’s bowl accompanied with entremets, organized specially for them. The information about the festival, including tickets, application for participation, place and passage, is provided on the festival’s web-site.

Voinovo pole (The Warrior’s field)

The festival is organized by the Serebryany Volk (the Silver Wolf) club and is carried out with the slogan “We revive legends”. The program of festival also includes such components like simulation of the battles, exhibition performances of swordsmen, competitions of costumes and concerts. But the organizers emphasize the military aspect of the life in that worrying time. The place is usually Moscow region. The application for participation is also to be found on the web-site.


Ladoga is also devoted mainly to the history of war with components of the every-day history, medieval kitchen and crafts. The specific feature of Ladoga is that the festival has the fixed place, where the big trading city of Ladoga was situated. The fortress survived was built a little later and was restored more than once, but this fact wouldn’t disturb your immersion into the middle Ages and this is the main purpose of all these festivals. In the fortress there is an archaeological museum and the 12th church of St. George with marvelous frescoes. To complete it, there is a special bus tour to this festival.

All in all, these festivals have educational purposes and provide a level of service enough high to participate and not to regret or simply visit them with your family if you are a simple tourist.

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