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news: Church lot rock actually ancient runestone

Church lot rock actually ancient runestone
April 24, 2009

An archaeologist says a rock used to mark a parking lot at a church in Sweden is actually a 1,000-year-old runestone.

Stockholm County Museum runic expert Lars Andersson said a rock used to help mark the lot's boundaries is thought to date back to the Viking Age in Sweden, The Local said Friday.

Andersson said in a museum statement the discovery of runic inscriptions on the rock thanks to rainy weather was akin to a religious experience.

To read something that nobody else has read for 1,000 years is almost a religious experience, he said.

The rock was found last fall at the church outside Stockholm when the religious site had a nearby area excavated in order to lay some cables.

The Local said the rock, now thought to be a gravestone, was then used as a parking lot border as mud and earth covered up the inscription clues to its true history.


Source: http://politicom.moldova.org/news/church-lot-rock-actually-ancient-runestone-198713-eng.html