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NEWS: Treasure trove found on Funen

Treasure trove found on Funen
The Copenhagen Post
April 16, 2009

Ancient Islamic coins and silver jewellery were discovered in one of the
biggest finds of its kind on Funen by a local man with a metal detector An
amateur archaeologist hit the jackpot when he discovered a hidden cache of..

An amateur archaeologist hit the jackpot when he discovered a hidden cache
of buried silver in a rural field on Funen earlier this year.

Odense City Museums has since taken advantage of the recent stretch of fine
weather over the past few days to further unearth the unique and valuable
Viking-age find.

So far, archaeologists have found 41 silver coins, a silver bracelet and
half of a highly decorative Thor's hammer. Most of the coins originate from
the ancient Islamic times of the caliphs, while some are from the area
covered by present-day Russia.

The bracelet and hammer are thought to be Scandinavian in design.

The find lay undiscovered in the field near Ringe for more than 1,000 years
and museum curator Jesper Hansen said that is the biggest coin find of its
kind on Funen.

Odense City Museums indicated that the foreign coins are `yet another sign
of the vast connections and trading relations, which were an integral part
of Scandinavia during the Viking age'.

It is likely that the treasure finder, Benny Pennerup, will receive a
finder's fee from the National Museum.


P. S. There's at least one person who suggests in their personal essay that the Funen site may relate to Nerthus' sacred site as described in Tacitus.
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