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B1. "Ridanäs". Vikingahamnen i Fröjel. By Dan Carlsson
ArkeoDok Skrifter nr. 2. D. Carlsson, Visby 1999. ISBN 91-973304-1-8.
Just below Fröjel church in the western part of island of Gotland, Sweden, and close to the ancient coastline, one of the largest and most important trading places in the Baltic Sea during the Viking era is to be found. The traces and remains from this port of trade are both rich and varied. The archaeological excavations at the site are amongst the most extensive that have been carried out on a Viking harbour and trading place.
A first period of excavation of the site was carried out between 1987 and 1990, and covered an area of about 300 m2. More then 10.000 objects were recovered, together with some 30 Viking graves.
The book (in Swedish), dealing with this first period of excavations, is paperback and of 200 pages, richly illustrated with photos, drawings and maps (black and white). Price: $27.00 (including tax)

B2. Gård, hamn och kyrka. En vikingatida kyrkogård i Fröjel. By Dan Carlsson.
CCC papers:4. Dan Carlsson. Visby 1999. ISBN 91-973653-1-9
In May 1998 and as a part of the excavations of the Viking Port of Trade at Fröjel, Gotland, an investigation of an up to then unknown churchyard at the school master’s house in Fröjel was carried out. In the kitchen garden belonging to the schoolmaster, we found about 40 graves, exclusively consisting of females and children. A wooden fence, consisting of upright standing planks, had demarcated the churchyard.
The churchyard is from the 11th century, and was probably abandoned during the 12th century. Some of the buried persons had personal belongings in the form of necklaces, brooches, pins and combs of a late Viking Age date. They were all buried in an eastwest orientation, with their head, according to Christian tradition, in the west and their feet in the east. Though one except from this existed. One woman was laying with her head in the east and her feet in the west. She had with her a medallion in the form of a coin minted around the year 1000 for King Ethelred of England. Who she was, we can’t tell, but she is a good illustration of the complicated situation that was at hand at the time of transition between heathen believe and Christianity.
The book (in Swedish) is paperback and of 146 pages, richly illustrated with drawings of each skeleton (black and white) and with an English summary. Price $22.00 (including tax).

B3. Viking-Age hoards and Late Anglo-Saxon coins. By Kenneth Jonsson.
Kenneth Jonsson. Stockholm 1987. ISBN 91-7260-638-X
One of the most interesting issues in the Viking history is the question about English coins that ended up in the Scandinavian countries during Viking Age, as a result of plunder and extortion. This book deals with the Anglo-Saxon coins found in Denmark and Sweden. Nine lists and commentaries cover the known coins from the period c. 973-91 and c. 997. All in all, c. 7,000 coins are published here in greater or lesser detail. There are many close up photos of coins, as well as maps showing the distributions of mints of different coins. The book (in English) is hardcover and of 156 pages, richly illustrated with photos of different coins, diagrams and maps. Price $23.00 (including tax)

Birka Studies. Reports from the excavations 1990-1995 of the Viking Town Birka, Sweden
The results of the excavations of the Viking Town Birka are published in a series of books dealing with different aspects of the history of the town. So far, number 1 to 8 have been published (except number 6). The books are all in English and hard cover. The whole series can be ordered as a package to a reduced price at Below, there is a short recount on the differetn books.

B4. Birka Studies 8. Tools for Textile Production from Birka and Hedeby. By Eva Andersson
Eva Andersson. Stockholm 2003. ISBN 917209295-5. Birka Studies 8. Excavations in the Black Earth 1990-1995. General Editor Björn Ambrosiani
In connection with the excavations of the Black Earth at Birka in 1990-1995, tools for textile manufacture were found in many houses and in the waste layers around them. The book (being the phd work of Eva Andersson) is above all a study of the textile production in Birka that can be discerned from the archaeological evidence in the form of textile tools and textile finds. The material from Birka is compared with the textile tools found at Ribe in Denmark, Hedeby in Germany and Kaupang in Norway, to be able to place textile production in Birka in a broader Northern European context. The book (in English) is hardcover and of 165 pages, well illustrated with diagrams of the size of different tools and photos. Price $50.00 (including tax) plus postage

B5. Birka Studies 1. Early Investigations and Future Plans. Editor Björn Ambrosiani and Helen Clarke.
ISBN 91-7192-860-X. 1992. The volume deals with the early discoveries of the town of Birka, as well as about such things as silver hoards, runes and runestones from the island of Björkö (where the town was situated). Content: 1. What is Birka? (Björn Ambrosiani), 2. Early discoveries in the Black Earth (Eva Hyenstrand), 3. Silver and gold hoards from the Black Earth (Torun Zachrisson), 4. Runes and runestones from Björkö (Staffan Nyström), 5. Excavations in the Black Earth harbour 1969-71 (Björn Ambrosiani), Excavations at Birka 1990-94: setting up the project (Björn Amrosiani), The choice of excavation site (Björn Ambrosiani).The book is in hard cover and 134 pages. Price $45.00 (including tax) plus postage.

B6. Birka Studies 2. Excavations in the Black Earth 1990. Editor Björn Ambrosiani and Helen Clarke
ISBN 91-7192-972-X. 1995. The volume covers an interim report of the excavations at Birka in 1990. Besides this report, there are also specialist reports about different items, such as: Retrieval of Faunal Remains at the Excavations at Birka (Per G.P. Ericson, Bengt Wigh and Kenneth Svensson with a contribution by Ylva Bäckström), The Ocurrence of Calcite in the Black Earth of Birka (Elisabet Rundqvist), The Conservation and Care of the Finds from Birka ( Monika Fjæstad). The book is in hard cover and 134 pages. Price $47.00 (including tax) plus postage.

B7. Birka Studies 3. Developments Around the Baltic and the North Sea in the Viking Age. Editor Björn Ambrosiani and Helen Clarke
ISBN 91-7192-950-9. 1994. The Twelfth Viking Congress. The book is a report of the Congress, and comprise several papers, both those of the keynote lecturers with addditional information resulting from discussions, and shorter reports on new discoveries or current research. The publication is divided into several parts, largely corresponding to the Congress Programme. Part 1. Urbanization and Settlemeent in East and West. Part 2. Means of Payment in East and West. Part 3. The Nordic Languages as borrowers and lenders in the Viking Age and Early Middle Ages. The book is in hard cover and 320 pages. Price $55.00 (including tax) plus postage.

B8. Birka Studies 4. Environment and Vikings. Scientific Methods and Techniques. Editor Urve Miller and Helen Clarke
ISBN 91-7209-067-7. 1997. This volume is devoted to the environmental history of Viking Age urban sites and their hinterlands, with special reference to Birka, Sweden. It concentrates on the methodology used to detect the interaction between humankind and the environment: outlining the means of study, interpreation and interdisciplinary research. The nineteen articles are divided into three parts. 1. The contribution of environmental studies to early urban studies. 2. Methods and techniques. 3. Applications at Birka. The book is in hard cover and 275 pages. Price $52 (including tax) plus postage.

B9. Birka Studies 5. Eastern Connections Part One. The Falcon Motif. Editor Björn Ambrosiani
ISBN 91-7209-209-2. 2001. This volume presents a number of artefacts from the Birka excavations 1990-1995, relating to the falcon motif and heraldy. These, together with most of the coins, the weight systems, and various ceramics possess decidedly eastern characteristics, which has given rise to debate concerning Birka's role in the trading systems of the Viking Age. The book is in hard cover and 92 pages. Price $49.00 (including tax) plus postage.

B10. Birka Studies 7. Animal Husbandry in the Viking Age Town of Birka and its Hinterland. By Bengt Wigh
ISBN 91-7209-227-0. 2001. This volume of Birka Studies is devoted to the bones of domestic animals and to a certain extent those of fur-bearing varieties, the pelts of the latter having been an important industrial raw material for the town of Birka. The author has devoted 10 years' work in recovering, registering and analysing this comprehensive assemblage yielded by the excavations in Birka's Black Earth 1990-1995. The book is in hard cover and 169 pages. Price $50.00 (including tax) plus postage.

B11. Destination Viking Living History around the Baltic Sea A guide to Viking sites, museums and monuments. Editor Marita E. Ekman
ISBN 91-973777-3-2. 2005. Destination Viking is a concept for presenting the Vikings and the Viking Age. It includes museums, visitor centres, prehistoric villages and re-enactment groups all over the world.
This guide is the final result of the Destination Viking Living History project, and Interreg IIIB project, involving partners from five different countries around the Baltic Sea, all with an emphasis on living history museums. Here they present their villages as well as the Viking attractions in the vicinity.
Travel back in time and space and get a lively, engaging insight into life in the Viking Age. Price $20.00 (including tax) plus postage.

B12. The Spillings hoard - Gotland's Role in Viking Age World Trade
Editor Ann-Marie Pettersson. ISBN 978-9188036-71-1. 2009. In 1999, the worlds biggest silver hoard from Viking Age was unearthed on the island of Gotland, situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The hoard, weighting 67 kilos and containing more then 14 200 Arabic coins, was found by pure chance, as often is. This book, wriitten by six different experts, accounts for the hoard, the findspot and contacts with the surrounding world, as well as for how the hoard has influenced people living in the neighbourhood. The book is 204 pages, hard cover and well illustrated. Price $35.00 (including tax) plus postage.


Interesting Viking Book that can be ordered from Amazon
The Viking-age Rune Stones: Custom and Commemoration in Early Medieval Scandinavia. By Birgit Sawyer

R.I. Page, THES
"This is a stimulating book, challenging accepted interpretations and suggesting new sources for Viking Age social history."

Tom Shippey, TLS
"thorough statistical coverage, backed up by a seventy page "Catalogue" ... her work puts the English-speaking reader for the first time in possession of the basic information painstakingly recorded by Scandinavian scholars, as well as providing an entirely fresh and convincing explanation of the Viking Age corpus ... Birgit Sawyer [has] offered models of patient and dispassionate research in potentially exciting and contested areas."

Interesting Viking Book that can be ordered from Amazon
Swords of the Viking Age, By Ian Peirce, Ewart Oakeshott (Introduction)
Synopsis. This new work fills a vacuum in English language studies of the swords made and used in northern Europe during the Viking Age, from the mid-eighth through to the mid-eleventh century. Given the mission of seeking out the best representative examples of the broad diversity of sword types surviving from this time, Ian Peirce, lecturer and museum consultant, travelled to museums of northern Europe and, from the hundreds of swords he handled, selected some sixty examples. While a few of these swords will be well known from inclusion in previous publications but are too important to omit, the majority are rarely seen or newly shown here. Where possible, a full-length photograph and photographs of details have been included for each example, with the illustrations and descriptions of most of the swords covering two facing pages. Eight pages of colour illustrations are included, three of which are reproductions from Lorange's unsurpassed lithographs of 1889. A brief illustrated overview of blade types and construction, pattern-welding, inscriptions and handle forms and their classification under Jan Petersen's classification is included asan introduction to the catalogue of examples, which forms the bulk of this work. IAN PEIRCE, engineer, armourer and weaponsmith, has staged major exhibitions of armour and weapons in England, France and Ireland, and written andlectured extensively on arms and armour, on the Norman Conquest and on the Vikings. EWART OAKESHOTT was a world-renowned expert in sword studies, and the deviser of a comprehensive typology of medieval swords which has been instrumental in the development of sword scholarship. His books include Records of the Medieval Sword, The Sword in the Age of Chivalry and European Weapons and Armour .

Interesting Viking Book that can be ordered from Amazon
Atlas of the Viking World (Cultural Atlas Series). By James Graham-Campbell (Editor) Synopsis. One of the "Culural Atlas" series, this is an illustrated history of the Viking Age - Europe's dominant culture for over 300 years from the late 8th century. Centred on Denmark, Norway and Sweden, but reaching westward across the Atlantic, eastward to the Black Sea and southward to the Mediterranean, the Viking Age dominated Europe and was symbolized by networks of sea crossings and river routes, military campaigns and cultural development. The first part of the atlas examines the physical background of the Scandinavian homelands and traces the history of human settlement before the Vikings. Part Two covers the Vikings in Scandinavia, dealing with society and organization, rulers and kings, warfare, daily life of farmers, craftsmen and traders, religion, literature and much more. Next, contributors discuss the Vikings overseas, in the Western World, the Celtic World, the North Atlantic, Russia and the East. This section includes major features on The Danelaw, Repton Winter Camp, York, Jarlshof, The Isle of Man, St Patrick's Isle and Dublin. Lastly, the atlas covers the conversion of the Vikings to Christianity and the foundation of the nation-states of Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Interesting Viking Book that can be ordered from Amazon
Kings and Vikings. Paperback 200 pages (November 1982). Publisher: Routledge, and imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Lt; ISBN: 0415045908
This book needs to be read after gaining a basic knowledge of Viking society. The book teaches you how to analyse evidence from that era, its problems and advantages. It tells you about the law codes that historians base their analasis of social structure on, and the problems of using these codes. As well as society it deals with the sources of evidence for settlement and raiding patterns. After reading this the reader would be well prepared to move onto looking at specialised academic papers on this topic. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
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