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Urdabrunnr Oathring & Odin Necklace

Here's a couple of links to photos of the Urdabrunnr Oathring, Troth, I made for my kindred. :) He's made out of silver, with a garnet eye. He's just been getting this lovely patina from oxidation. :) Also, there's a necklace I made for my oath-sister, it's specifically an Odin's necklace. I realize that blue is usually the color associated with Odin, but Odin himself was practically throeing these beads at me. Raw material costs alone exceeded $200 for this necklace. The pictures just don't do it justice. And it's got both color varietes of garnet, the lovely crimson color, and then the vermillion color. I see it as Odin's blood on the tree. And hence the three dangles, one for each root of the tree.

My Heathen Metal & Jewelry Creations

Oathring: Troth
Oathring: Troth 2
Garnet Necklace
Garnet Necklace, closeup