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My litha

I realized the night before our local celebrations as I pack up my horn as well as my
gullinbursti offering bowl, that there needed to be a sunwheel too. Why a sunwheel? Throughout Europe there are many traditional folk practices of lighting a sunwheel (or
later a wagon wheel) on fire for Midsummer. So I head out early the next day
to find me a straw wreath, and raffia. Plus I stopped off and got an array
of flowers to decorate the sunwheel with... sunflowers, yellow roses (it's a
texas thing, and it fit with the color scheme), some purple mums, and some
berries en route to where our kindred was gathering.

Once there I assembled it into the shape of a sunwheel adorned with the
flowers, and then we had a lovely feinging with everyone. The idols were
out, and we bathed and anointed them, we hailed the gods, we hailed the
goddesses, we gave them offerings of sweet smelling herbs, of chocolate and
silver, mother of pearl, we gave them food and drink. We used ribbons to tie
our cares away for change in the new year and put them in the fire. Then as
the grand finale we sent the flower be-decked sunwheel into the flames, as
we asked for health, prosperity and good luck in the coming year.

It was lovely and moving, and great joy was had by all in attendance. :)

Of course, of all the things I forget was my camera to take picture of the sunwheel I made specifically for Sunna. I'm hoping one of my kindred mates can hook me up with her pictures, as I'd like to share them here.


I was thinking it was the State Flower... I wasn't thinking about the song @_@ but you're right of course.


It was lovely.
I didn't realize you had lived in Texas at one point.

Let's see, when I was in school, we said the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. on the first school day of that week, and never, ever said the Texas pledge.

I moved to Texas and started school here in 1989.


hi from Belarus:)
so nice to find someone with such great interest in Loki:)

Re: sister?:)

Hello! Nice to meet you. Finding another who honors Loki is always a treat.