Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

And people wonder why NY has a bullseye on it?

You know, I am continually flabbergasted by New York. As I keep telling my oath-sister, I think by now (and the numerous bomb threats, and actual bombs, and terrorist attacks she has witnessed and been involved with) that you should just give up on NYC as a lost cause.

Icing to this apple fruit cake, is the NY "heathen" community. Excuse me, what freaking HEATHEN community? With the exception of my oath-sister and a handful of other heathens, the heathen community are wiccans, with no concept of heathenry. Hell I know for a fact at one of those troth moots, some dick was hitting/groping/lying on the women and relations with specific women, and it was tolerated. The hosts in charge didn't throw the idiot out ass first onto the pavement. Didn't try to shove a molotov cocktail, down his throat, so hard the rag was coming out of his ass, which would soon be lit on fire. These people don't even understand the core concept of FRITH, and PROPER action.

But what really irks my ire, into a nice conflagaration of 9-11 bonfire proportions, is that there is to be a "rune" workshop this weekend by Freya Aswynn. My oath-sister, who had already signed up gets contacted and essentially told, you're not wanted, don't come.

Why? Well, supposedly the attendance will dry up if she shows, because she has no problem telling wiccan and other new age dabblers to stop destroying our traditions without any cosideration.

Now, I'm over here thinking, what sort of flaming idiots are handling this workshop? That they would snub the only real heathen in their midst, and an Aeweweard in the Ealdriht?

Did I mention my oath-sister is an Odin's woman, and if there is one thing I know, is that Odin doesn't take kindly to His being snubbed. This is why when one honors Odin, they are to honor Loki as well. All I can say is there's very much a nice Odin painted bullseye on these idiots now.

I'd recommend an evacuation of NYC, and soon. The winds are picking up, and I think Odin is ready for a wild hunt.

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