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Adornments of the Sun - Litha Revisited

Thanks to a Kindred member, I now have a photo of the Sunna sunwheel I had made, and later placed into the fire as part of our Litha celebrations I described in a previous post.

To check out the image of the sunwheel, and to also see my first attempted at stained glass (a Celtic Endless Knot suncatcher) please continue on.

Adornments of the Sun
The Endless Blue Tide


oooh, i really like the stained glass piece!
that's the same piece I showed you when you were here and asked if you wanted, and you seemed polite, but not in love with it. ^^;

So I mailed it off today to a Pagan who lost everything in a house fire.

You home-owner wench you.
It's a gorgeous piece. I think tht given you were here the week of my graduation that I was just distracted.
btw, i wanted to mail some stuff to that Pagan but the contat woman never got back to me with a mailing address. If you have one, can you shoot me an email offlist?
this is when YOU visited me. Baka.

And the email has been sent.