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Heathen Loses Home in Fire

Ron Holliday, a Godi for the local Asatru Kindred “Fellowship of Odin” in Ohio, has posted that one of the members of his kindred has suffered a house fire resulting in a total loss. Fortunately, despite a few burns she incurred while getting everyone out of the house, she and her children are safe.

Mr. Holliday stated, “She has tried to bear the whole burden herself and
is loathe to ask for help. She has asked only for some used clothing for the
kids and diapers or diaper coupons but I'm certain she could use anything you
could dig out of a closet, etc.”

  • 13 year-old Female-
    pants sizes 5 juniors
    shirts sizes medium
    shoes size 8

  • 11 year-old Male-
    pants size 10-12
    shirts sizes medium
    shoes size 3

  • 6 year-old Female-
    pants and shirts sizes 7

  • 20-month old Male-
    pants n shirts sizes 24mths or 2 T
    diapers size 5 and diaper wipes

“Though she hasn't specifically asked for it, school supplies would be a plus as
I know she doesn't have the school clothes or the supplies with school just
around the corner.”

If you are able to help with any of the specific items listed, or wish to provide other forms of assistance, please contact Ron Holliday at: to coordinate.

A local news piece on the fire can be found here:

I believe that as a community, especially in times of both great tragedy, or more localized family or personal crisis we should extend a hand and help out one another, despite any differences of opinion we may have. I realize that many find themselves in tough economic times at the moment, and even if you cannot afford to send along something to help out, I’m sure prayers, and thoughts would still be appreciated, or even cards to let the family know they are not alone in this difficult time.

For those of you in my neck of the woods, I'm currently compiling a care package to send along. If you’d like to drop off items with me, I’ll be happy to mail it all off at once.

“All Hail to the givers!” – Havamal 2
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