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Asatru P0RN - Pretty Drinking Horns

I know that several of you have ooh’d and ah’d over my magnificent Nornir horn, and most recently my Idunna & Her Apples Offering bowl carved by the ever-talented Shrew from Shrewwood.com. They’ve had a few people who did not pay on some recent Asatru related commission pieces and are looking for homes for them. While these horns are indeed pricey, I wanted to at least let those of you who might be interested in them know that they are currently available, especially since I have no idea who may want it and may be able to afford it right now. There may be a couple of other horns also soon available, but they’re hoping still to work something out with the folks who commissioned those horns. Share this with whomever you think may be interested.

Mead of Poetry Horn

Is carved on a large horn, capable of holding just shy of a half gallon, and is suitable for larger gatherings. It depicts 3 involved panels depicting the giant squeezing the information out of a couple of stranded Dwarves, Odin snaking his way in to drink the mead hidden in the giant's lair and the last panel has a pursued hawk formed Odin spitting 3 drops of the mead into a horn held by a skald looking fellow. All of this framed by the World Tree. The stones for the eyes are citrine, onyx and garnet.

The runic inscription on the horn was specifically requested by the original customer, and read: Woden stol Þone medu Woþhrorend (Woden stole the mead Wod-stirrer). They were supposed to get $1200 for the horn, but are willing to let it go for $900. They do have someone who has expressed some tentative interest in the horn, but it is still available at this time.

The lip of the horn was requested to be unornamented in the original commission, because the customer was going to attach a decorative metal rim to it. As such, the horn is much longer than the artists would have preferred, and they recognize it looks a bit awkward. If the customer that ends up purchasing this would prefer to have that extra length removed, they will do this if needed for the new purchaser.

Pictures can be found here: http://pics.livejournal.com/lokis_dottir/gallery/00033pfb

If you are interested please send an email to: shrewwood@yahoo.com
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Should I say I'm sorry, or you're welcome? :P

Seriously, if this is something you want (after you have a reading on it), they might be willing to work out some sort of payment plan. Tamyris and I have been customers of theirs for years, and have commissioned pieces through them before. They know I'm "sending" the love around.

And seriously, I know you're new just beginning your study of this path in more depth... but horns of this caliber are truly one of a kind, and they're the only ones doing it. I've seem some very basic carving work from others, but nothing to this degree of work.


Ah why are you seeing my sister, is it to start packing up stuff?

And did you get a chance to try to download that music via that email account yet?
Yeah. Hopefully that downloaded successfully. And FMA is a great series, but a little slow to start. Wait till you hit the mid 20's!

And you might get a kick out of this... the publisher that came up with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, is coming out with another book Sense and Sensibility with Sea Monsters... and they made a trailer to promote it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jZVE5uF24Q&feature=player_embedded