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Things that made me laugh today...

I saw a company vehicle for a pest-control business called "Bug-a-Boo". The name just amused me--immensely.

And I stumbled across this brief write up on a Japanese Goddess shrine devoted to breasts. A bit of a funny concept, but when you see how it's being used, for women asking for pregnancy related concerns, or women with breast cancer prayeing that they beat the disease... it's not as silly as first glance. Still, it is kinda silly. :)

It reminds me of another quirky Japanese religious activity, the annual penis festival Tagata Jinja Hounen Matsuri.
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It's one of the things I love about the Japanese, their Practicality. They Invent things simply to make Life easier, even Spiritually. I can't think of another culture that took the problem of guilt that some women feel after Abortion and created a Spiritual Rite to take care of it so those women could relieve themselves and get on with their lives. All over Japan there are examples of this way of Thinking for just about anything Humans can do that they might Feel Uncomfortable about...