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On Publishing Houses...

Working inside of the Entertainment and Publishing Industry... I see all kinds of things, and have come across some of the silliest guidelines or "dictates" from everything from wording to color choice, to art and design. A recent conversation with someone complaining about citations in a book, made me realize that not everyone is truly aware why books, especially for pagan religions (and I'm including Heathenry/Asatru in that grouping) tend to be sans sources.

I'd also like to add, that sometimes the lack of sources isn't because the author didn't have them, but rather that the publisher wouldn't print them.

Sometimes when working with publishing houses, they'll have odd guidelines re: citations, references, and bibliographies. Every publisher has their own guideline, and reasoning for that guideline. Some fo the reasonings have to do with the visual look of the text on the page, others are determined by marketing philosophies about their intended consumer, some are related to physical restraints from the actual printing process, or the time it may take to format with footnotes, versus a book that just has all references in the back.

Maybe the publishing house had a philosophy that if you 'referenced' other texts, you drove sales away from your own book instead, and thus it didn't become the 'go-to' text it was intended to be. There's all sorts of reasons that may have absolutely nothing to do with the author, and everything to do with the dictates of the publishing house.

Of course, it may just be because that's the way the author wanted it. Personally, I prefer everything to be immediately cited so I can track it down to read in more depth. :)