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Loki & Sigyn altar Stones

Commissioned Loki & Sigyn Altar Stones
Commissioned Loki & Sigyn Altar Stones
Designed by the same artisan that made the Narvi & Vali altar stones, I commissioned another set of stones to be used on my altar. For Sigyn we see on the front, the north star. That's in part because this was a gift to a friend, who is the most devout Sigyn's person I know and she calls Sigyn - Her North Star. But also because as we see in her steadfastness with Loki as he lays bound, she is a quiet presence, a presence of light in dark times, constant in her loyalty. The back design with the flower and butterfly motif comes from my own interactions with Sigyn. To me she come across with 2 main aspects: the woman and mother, and the child. I have long personally associated her with butterflies from my own personal gnosis. She is a Goddess of transformations, and who like a bird, or bee may transplant the pollen to allow for new growth, she also helps to encourage things in their growth. I've personally always found her to be a fantastic Goddess to pray to when you want to grow and improve, or if there are any major health concerns (especially with children). With Loki I used the rune Dagaz for a symbol on the front, because Dagaz to me is like the yin/yang symbol, it is the balance of chaos and order, which to my mind embodies Loki. The back was inspired from the story in the myths where he turns into a fish. As a god of Magic and shapeshifting, I wanted to include an image of him in another form, and since 'water' is so opposite his usually described 'fiery' aspects... it also embodies the juxtaposition of dagaz as yin/yang. If anyone is interested in your own set, you can inquire with the artisan: CreativeArtandSoul on Etsy.


Altar stones

I just found your blog yesterday and wanted to say how beautiful the stones are. I'd love to do the same thing some time. :)

I'm glad to find other people who are interested in Loki and who are looking for more information on Sigyn as well.

Re: Altar stones

It is indeed a pleasure to find others who also have a fondness for Loki and especially Sigyn! So hail and well met! :)

If you want to order a set of the stones, I instructed the artist (listed in the original post) that they should keep the design and let anyone else interested use it. So you can contact the artist directly about ordering a set. (Not that I'm telling you you should! Just letting you know the option is available should you care to pursue.)

In the meantime, you might be interested to know about a devotional book recently released on Sigyn.

Re: Altar stones

I'm definitely considering ordering a set when I can.

What is really interesting, is that you suggested the exact book I just ordered yesterday, after reading your journal. ;) I'm looking forward to reading it.

Re: Altar stones

I am a bit biased. While I'm not the author (or rather editor/compiler) of the Sigyn devotional, my sister is! Still I can definitely say that the book contains some great prayers, meditations and the like from the most devout persons that work a great deal with Sigyn. I personally really think that true connection comes through and inspires others to learn more and develop a relationship with Her. :)

So, I hope you really enjoy it.