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If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch... you must first invent the universe

Sometimes the internet is a vast and wonderful place, and other times it's just scary. Today however, I found a new twist on a classic from my youth. Growing up, I watched Carl Sagan's Cosmos, which at the time was this big to-do (sort of the modern-day counterpart to programs like The Universe or Planet Earth). It was supplemental material to my junior high school science classes.

Sagan, had this weird knack for not only being one of the champions of science, astronomy, the search for extra terrestial intelligence, and more... but he also had this weird poetic way of seeing the cosmos, which someone decided the soundbytes for, could be used to make a mix song.


And if you dig it as much as I did, you can download the video, song, or a ringtone friendly version here: http://colorpulsemusic.com/youtube.html

In other news about the cosmos, I hear that scientists have determined that the milkyway galaxy's center has alot of ethyl formate, which is a chemical responsible for giving raspberries their taste, and has a smell like rum. So in otherwords the Milkyway may taste like raspberries and smell like rum.


wow, that is awesome and kind of makes me want to eat the Milkyway.
Somehow I now have visions of Katamari Damacy... if you're unfamiliar with that, it's a video game, where King Cosmos got drunk one night and ate the stars, and his son has to use like a gravity ball to roll up objects so he can get the matter he needs to replace those stars... so he rolls up dustbunnies, godzilla, cows, officebuildings with people in them calling out for help...


No wonder King Cosmos ate the stars! They were tasty fruit and smelled like rum!

Edited at 2009-09-30 06:03 am (UTC)
Wow, I had not heard of that, but it sounds hysterical. You're making me hungry, lol
Aha! I have now been educated :)
and knowing is half the battle :P