Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

Boredom produces unusual thoughts...

So here I am, working a 6 hour shift, and there's nothing for me to do... the lab is clean, a user hasn't been in here for over an hour and it'll be fairly dead like this for the rest of the day... I do have a book to read, but I'm too sleepy to read something that's not interactive... So out of nowhere... a thought comes to me

The more common depictions of our gods I've seen in statue format, usually has them with oversized heads... and in the case of male gods, oftentimes carrying overtones of phallic symbolism. (I've seen some where the head looks to be the "head" of the male penis)... oversixzed heads remind me of bobble heads... and when you add in the phallic allusion oftentimes in statues of the male gods... yes we get bobble penis heads...

somehow that is just VERY wrong.

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