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Updates to the Store

For anyone that cares, I finally got around to uploading some listings to my storefront over on Etsy: Wyrd Designs. Currently up is a treated 16 x 20 photograph, as well as a ceramic tile box featuring my unique valknut design.

I should be adding some more items in the coming days, like scarves, some jewelry, and some craft/beading supplies.


Oooh pretty scarves :)
Pretty scarves in need of a good home *winks*
oops! I meant to respond to this before but got distracted by life. I would totally buy a scarf, but, alas, money is short at the moment and I don't have a job so I'm trying not to spend money. Someday, though. I should check to see if you've added more things :)
No pressure here. I completely relate to tight budgets!
Thanks! Yeah, I think everyone's in the same boat right now.