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heathens aren't pagans

That sentiment is what came out of an article I just read, one of the latest in a series of articles about Dan Halloran, member of the Normani Theod, and the republican candidate in a local NYC city council election. But while politics may be the point of the article, it's not entirely about government politics, but also about religious 'politics' in the pagansphere as well.

"Rob Taylor, who calls himself "the web's most popular Bi-racial Republican pagan," says that the connection between heathenism and racism has been overblown. "It's an urban myth among pagans that all Odinists are white nationalists," he says. And who started the myth? Taylor says it's the Wiccans.

"Wiccans and re-constructionist pagan religions engage in infighting," he says, charging "Wicca is just smearing the competition." Taylor initially came to paganism as a teenager via Wicca, but the young Reaganite soon turned to Odinism. Odinism's rules and order appealed to his conservative nature, while Wicca he now describes as a "fraud" and "a leftist thing -- not just Democrat, but far left politically. Theodism and heathenism are more conservative."

In New York City, there's an organization whose goal, in part, is to unite local pagans of all types. And according to the Queens Tribune, the New York City Pagan Pride Project's legal counsel and incorporating attorney just happens to be Dan Halloran.

But when the Voice called the Project to ask about Halloran running for office, spokeswoman Star Ravenhawk (a witch), says she had never heard of him. And she added: "I don't necessarily consider heathens to be pagans."

Ravenhawk was also surprised to hear that Halloran is a Republican. "Most of us are Democrats," she said, adding that "To be a pagan, you have to have faith in a higher power." She doubted that heathens shared that sentiment.

Source: Village Voice

I do think this is a concern while Heathen/Asatru practices may not necessarily line up with general paganism... we certainly shouldn't have this sort of divide, perceived or real.


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