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Asatru: Resources for Children

I'm rather fortunate as there's in my general area (although it's still an hour drive one way to get there) a little store called the Wooden Spoon in Plano, Texas, which specializes in carrying items related to Scandinavia, and even hosts language classes and traditional craft classes on occassion. Even if you're not in the area, they have an excellent online store, with many items listed. Including childrens books.

Most of the books, are for later appearing folk traditions unique to those countries and not so much the Heathen and/or Viking past, but they do carry a number of books on Vikings, as well as the Norse Gods and Goddesses. Even if you opt not to buy from them, it's still a nice place to start to find some books you may not otherwise know about first, and then you can look around to purchse them elsewhere if it intrigues you. Because they do stock non-English texts, just make sure before you purchase it's in English!

In the games section there's this Viking Adventure Game, that I've been curious to play and see if it's any fun "For ages 9 and up. Learn the history of the vikings as you sail your ship to far-off lands, conquering countries and winning treasures. Follow the treasure map to Asgard, fabled home of the Norse Gods. Ride the Rainbow Bridge to seek your Fate."

In addition to this little one-stop shop, there's also some other resources to help Asatru parents in finding goodies for their children and teens. What follows are a list of texts, or resources I am aware of that exist out there for the under 18 crowd. But since I do not have children myself I cannot really recommend them with any authority, as I have no personal experience with the following texts or resources.


  • Colum's Children of Odin
  • Colum's Norse Gods & Heroes
  • D'Aulaire's Norse Gods and Giants
  • D'Aulaire's Book of Norse MYths (this may be a later printing of the other book???)
  • D'Aulaire's Book of Trolls (not quite from our sagas, but derivative folk stories from that culture)
  • there's a Dover Coloring Book: Norse Gods and Goddesses
  • Cotterell's Norse Mythology (encyclopediac with illustrations)
  • Ferrie's audiobook "Tales from the Norse Legends"
  • Picard's Tales of the Norse Gods
  • Holland's Norse Myths
  • Osborne's Favorite Norse Myths
  • Philip's Odin's Family
  • Green's Myths of the Norsemen
  • Chimo's Stolen Thunder: A Norse Myth
  • Evan, Millard, and Matthew's Usborne Illustrated Guide to the Norse Myths and Legends
  • Brown & Smith's Favorite Norse Myths
  • Keary's Tales of the Norse Warrior Gods

And in other kid-friendly resources:

The International Society of Asatru has an Asatru Magazine for the kiddos called "KENAZ", and it can be downloaded:

And recently across several of the asatru lists and communities the news went out about this:

Asa-Parents is an online Mailing List devoted for Asatru parents:
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