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Monsoon Season...

When people ask me what the weather is like in Texas, I usually say we have three seasons: monsoon, drought, and wind chill. Monsoon season has been hitting of late... over a week straight of rain and more in the broadcast. We do experience brief bouts of sunshine only for the weather to turn foul again a few hours later. There's a saying in Texas, if you hate the weather, wait 5 minutes. And indeed my first day in the state I was wearing shorts at texarkana, and when we hit the DFW area about 4 hours later it was snowing.

On a tangential thread... it's a comment on the weather that cost Clayton Williams the election against Ann richards a few years back. The election was in his pocket, until he opened his mouth. He made a comment equating Texas weather with rape "all you have to do is wait a few minutes and it gets nice" or something along those lines. ruined his political career, and Texas, imo, got the best Gov. it's had in quite some time. I really wish Ann Richards hadn't retired from active office, in a way she's like a female LBJ, she kicks ass and takes name, and isn't afraid of playing hard ball. she's also quite intelligent and savvy.

Anyway, returning to my topic... in the walk from work to my car yesterday evening I was completely soaked, the umbrella had only managed to keep my head dry. To which I have a 40 minute commute extend to over 2 hours because of the weather while I am chilling and shivering. It was NOT pleasant.

I'm glad I have Friday off in observance of the National Day of Mourning, it means I can sleep in before I start becoming really sick.