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Musings: Goddesses & Ragnarok

I was ruminating over the subject of Ragnarok recently, and it made me realize something for the first time that should have been glaringly obvious before now. In the various bits of lore that talk about Ragnarok, while we have a great deal of detail about what male forces and male gods are doing, there's hardly more than a peep about what the females/Goddesses are supposed to be up to.

If we look at Ragnarok, the Goddesses aren't mentioned at all except that Frigg will know sorrow (from Odin's death) in Volupsa, and in Vafþrúðnismál that Sol/Sunna will bear a daughter that will take her place when she is killed during Ragnarok. That's it.

So here we have a major part of our mythos (which I've always had significant issues with as being authentic to the pre-Christian belief structure), and the women aren't really there at all, it's all about the men. When they talk about the continuation of the Gods, it's in pairs of male gods: Hodr & Baldr, Modi and Magni, Vidar and Vali. Only the mortal human pairing that continues on after this massive destructive has a male/female pairing. The only female deity specifically mentioned as carrying on, is Sunna's unnamed daughter.

Lack of female involvement is yet another reason why I am personally suspicious of the events as foretold in the stories concerning Ragnarok as evidence of tampering of the mythos by the Christian scholars that wrote the tales. Does not the actions in Ragnarok support the destruction of our Gods both ldirectly via the war, and indirectly through a euhermistic process? If they can be killed off, isn't that a convenient thing for Christians to want to show their God is better? I’ve seen a lot of scholarship (from outside of our community) debating the authenticity of the events in Ragnarok to the pre-Christian beliefs. (But of course this can be argued both ways and unfortunately without discoveries that pre-date the
Christian conversion of Europe I doubt we’ll ever know for certain, save perhaps when we die and meet up with our Gods in the halls we go to.)

Does anyone have thoughts about the absence of the Goddesses in the tale?
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