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Odin... a favorite god of cadets at West Point

West Point, has been the U.S. Army's military academy for over 200 years, training the next generation of military leaders. But apparently there's a long standing tradition, that when there are about to be on-campus processional parades, or other type of outdoor activities that a cadet may want to get out of, that they chant to Odin, hoping for some foul weather to give them a respite.

FACTBOX: Odin and goat among West Point slang
Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:52pm EDT

New cadets entering the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, which educates and trains future Army officers, are given a glossary of cadet slang to ease the transition to cadet life. Here are some of the words from the glossary:

  • BEAST -- Cadet basic training
  • BOODLE -- Cake, candy, ice cream etc
  • GOAT -- A cadet near the bottom of the class
  • HOOAH -- Meaning "yes" or "I understand"
  • ODIN -- A Norse god to whom cadets appeal for rain before parades, inspection etc
  • PLEBE -- A freshman cadet
  • POOP -- Information to be memorized
  • SPAZ -- To make a gross error
  • SQUID -- One who attends the rival Naval Academy
  • 2 PERCENT CLUB -- A cadet is in this club if they have the same girlfriend or boyfriend from day one through to graduation

(Compiled by Claudia Parsons in West Point, New York)

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