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Musings on Mardoll

Recently on the WealThau list a friend posted: " I know our lore has but one sentence to support the very existence of Freya's Sea Goddess aspect." "Have any of you experienced Mardoll as also being tied to the Moon? I know how I have experienced her, but would love to know how others have come to know her."

To which I replied.

Quoting from my Simek, in his entry for Mardoll he writes:

References to Mardol occur in Glyfaginning, as well as in several skaldic poems as a kenning for 'gold'. Meaning of the name is unclear "perhaps Mannus is 'the one who illuminates the sea' (cf. Heimdallr), or else 'the one who makes the sea swell' (from Þoll)?"

The guess is that Heimdallrs name means "one who illuminates the world" (as suggested in Simek, and hence why I guess he may be mentioning it in the entry for Mardoll). So his reasoning is based on what we know for dallr/dol, that perhaps her name MEANS one who makes the sea swell.

Considering that Njord is a sea deity, and Freya is his daughter, it wouldn't surprise me if she had connections to the sea. But considering that ours is one of the few traditions where the moon is masculine, and NOT feminine... I do not see her as being synonmous with the Moon.

But my own personal UPG I do see her with tidal forces, like the tide coming in and out. As a deity often associated with fertility that would be a strong symbolism in connection to her. For many evolutionists are now saying if NOT for tidal zones, complex life on land would never have occurred.

There's also something about the ebb and flow that has a sensuality as well. Reminds me of this horrible miniseries of OLdysessus, where the wife was laying on the beach making love to the tide in lieu of her absent husband.

There are my ramblings. Make of them what you will. :)


You might also want to look into the tales of Jurate from Lithuanian mythology. She speaks very much of the Mardoll aspect to me.