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Walpurgis: May Punch

Walpurgis is around the corner. If you'd like to add some traditional German flare to your celebration, you might want to check out this recipe for Waldermeisterbowle, or May Punch.

Of course finding the main ingredient can be a bit tricky. If anyone knows of an online store where you can purchase Woodruff or Waldermeister syrup, could you please let me know? I'd like to try out this recipe some day. :)

I found another alternative to the recipe...


1 gallon white wine (Riesling is best)
1 pint Southern Comfort (gives it a peachy flavor), or Yukon Jack for a different flavor
1 quart fresh strawberries, thoroughly cleaned and stems removed
1/2 cup dried sweet woodruff herb (waldmeister), crumbled
1/2 cup superfine sugar

Begin your preparation the day before the punch is to be consumed.
This enables the flavors to bloom.

The day before the punch will be served:

Heat the Southern Comfort until it is very warm to the touch, but do
not let it boil. Steep the sweet woodruff in the Southern Comfort
overnight (there is no need to refrigerate, but it is best to cover
the mixture to prevent evaporation). Thoroughly dredge the
strawberries in the sugar. Place the sugared strawberries in a covered
container and refrigerate overnight. Chill the wine overnight.

The day the punch will be served:

Strain the Southern Comfort/woodruff mixture and discard the solid
material. The Southern Comfort may have a somewhat cloudy appearance
now. Not to worry.

Add the strained Southern Comfort/woodruff infusion to the wine and
stir well. Add the sugared strawberries and any juice that may have
leached out of them overnight. Stir. Chill the mixture for
at least two hours before serving. If the punch bowl will be sitting
at room temperature for a substantial period during the festivities, a
single block of ice may be floated in the punch to keep it cold. Do
not add small ice cubes or crushed ice, since they will melt quickly.

When you dole out the punch to your guests, try to make certain that
every cup gets at least one of the strawberries.
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