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My thesis defense is next week, and I'm looking for some heathen related graphics/images to use for my presentation. Does anyone know of some good sources online?


For what specific aspects of the thesis points? I'll be more than happy to run an image search for your dreaded power point if you give me an idea of what exactly you are looking for. Offhand, check scandi museum sites.
Just something to make the boring handouts/reports I'm giving at my representation be visually appealing.

The coversheet will feature the valknot graphic I made for Urdabrunnr kindred :P (sans the undrabrunnr text :P).

Subject matter: heathen magicoreligious practices: past & present

would be nice if there's a nice image somewhere of someone under the cloak.

I also have sections specifically dealing with: Odin, Frigg, Gullveig, The Nornir, Freyja, Wealhtheow/Beowulf, Hervor.

Odin stole an entire chapter to himself...

other points I touch on Poets/Skalds & Warriors

Inangardr/Utgardr (a map of Iceland may be good... actually I should hunt up a map and add that to my appendices... I have a map I need to scan in showing Viking Age settlements of Vikings around the World.

Ok, I'll get cracking on that. As far as defense, if you get multimedia access, I highly reccommend doing a power-point rather than a 10 page handout with bullet points. I know I was so nervous, and having something to do and to keep the committee occupied made those hours more bearable.

I used Google Image Search on these

A few images to steal from the web:

Iceland Map

Codex Regius - by the way saganet.is is AMAZING to get lost in.
Viking Coin
Roskilde Ship
Gokstad Burial Mound
Orkney Excavations