Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

A Song - Seasons - Work in Progress

What began a couple of weeks ago as a short, rhyming prayer to Idunna, has now developed into a melody in my head... and I think the seeds have been planted for a song. I've got the counterpoint to autumn, spring now... and if I can make it work, eventually a song to cover the seasons and hopefully major holytides. To save my work (the lyrics and the melody) I'm sticking it here for personal archival purposes.

Goddess of the Sunrise
Shining in the East
Spring now from your slumber
Ostara so we plead.

Hail to thee Idunna
Lady of the Dale
Through the coming Winter
Keep us whole and hale.

For the curious you can listen to it here:

Mothers of the family
Matrons of the Tribe
Guide us in your wisdom
Never leave our sides!

Ancient God of Wisdom
All-Father we Hail

Give us rain and showers
So the crops may grow
Guard us here in Midgard
Hammer-wielding Thor

Flowing are Sif's tresses
golden like the fields
thank you for the harvest
and our yearly yield.

Winter's now upon us
Cold and Dark the Days

Tags: disir, idunna, matrons, mothers, mp3, music, odin, ostara, prayer, sif, song, thor

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