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the news...

So my thesis defense had... mixed results. I have a "conditional pass" meaning I'm not done yet, but thankfully my committee feels the research is there and won't make me go through another grueling defense. I have to make edits/revisions to the thesis proper and once they are satisified I met the conditions they "prescribed" to me... then they sign off on the paperwork, but it's far from being a done deal as of yet. I have to get it done and turned in by no later than noon Monday if I have a prayer of graduating this semester. So I'm cranky, and irritable at the moment. Give this heathen, a wide berth.


Best of Luck to you in your Thesis!

Hope to see you when it's all done, I know in the meantime you'll be buried in books and papers. :-)
I'd like to have my weekends back... *sighs* but that won't occur until at least late August.

I am so sorry to hear that. PLEASE feel free to email me the file and I'll be happy to offer any help possible in terms of style/transitions/last minute ready reference that I can. I have to get new brakes for the car tomorrow afternoon, so I may have to skip work Sunday.
Thanks for the offer. :)

I was really just so frustrated, my chair on the initial rough told me, he was happy with it, and would sign off on it then and there... and then 2 revisions later, and we get to the defense... and out of nowhere he starts taking apart part of the analysis. Saying I hadn't outlined my argument I was using. (which I had... it's sorta hard to miss it). Bleh, the idiot.