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Song: Twist & Weave

A while ago, I had been struck with some inspiration and created a song. But not being a musician myself, it needed a musician's touch to polish it. Recently someone was asking on a ML if there were any poems or what not she could adpt into music and perform. I contacted this musician... and here's the end result:

The original post with the lyrics, and my amateur acapella recording of the original base melody can be found here: http://lokis-dottir.livejournal.com/103874.html

What Jenn did to the song, with her harmonies, arrangement and performance really makes this song with modest rough beginnings really shine.


oooh that was awesome!
if you liked that, then you might want to check out the arranagement that Jenn mayes did of it with her pagan ensemble group: Bell, Book and Canto. That song is now available on iTunes for download, here:


Oooh, awesome! I will definitely check this out. Thanks :)
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thank you.