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Oh how I hate my school...

On the work front... I finally heard back from the many places I've submitted a résumé. Unfrontuately only from one place, but it happens to be one of the palces that I really wanted to work for. My interview is this Friday afternoon. I can thank my friend who works for the company, as well as the entire Marketing department who have been consistently dropping my name. I'll still take whatever well-wishes any wants to throw my way.

I received mail today from the Graduate School... and I knew I shouldn't be receiving anything so my reaction upon seeing the envelope was "great, what now." So now, it appears that their records indicate I did *NOT* graduate... I needless to say just raised some hell, and they're looking into fixing it. Best case scenario, I graduate when I was supposed to and just receive my diploma a few weeks later than everyone else; worst case scenario, I file an extension form, pay a $15 fee, and will be awarded my diploma at the end of the Fall semester. The letter they sent initially indicated that they wanted me to enroll in additional hours of coursework because *THEY* screwed up my paperwork. To say that at this moment I am livid is an understatement. GAH!

The whole problem stems from the fact that my final three copies of my thesis were submitted a day late. They were only submitted late because they refused to do my mechanical check because I had paperwork missing. However, the missing papework *HAD* been turned in, BUT they lost it. So trying to get that fixed and me get the new signatures set me back a few days, so I didn't receive my mechanical check back until the the day before the thesis needed to be turned in. Since it was such short NOTICE I couldn't swap out with anyone from work (everyone was on vacation). When I spoke to them they said I should be ok with being only one day late, and if there were any problems with that I could file for an extension, but they would let me know only if that was necessary. I feel like hunting down all of the Graduate School and submitting them to the blood eagle I'm beyond rage at the moment. I need an army of berserkrs to go in and put the fear of the Gods in them. I frankly REFUSE to pay that incompetent bitch any more of my hard earned money. It has only profitted from it's own mistakes for YEARS.