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After going on a Rambo warpath of phone calls... the situation with the diploma is resolved, and I can go pick up my diploma now any time during business hours. That is a huge relief. I interviewed today at a company I'd really like to work for... they're impressed by me, and asked for some writing samples. But once I turn those in, I suspect a wait until I hear anything. Meanwhile I'll be pursuing other avenues.


I KNOW how terrible the job market is. I wish you tons of luck.
Let me know if you'd like help doing different versions of your resume. I also got this GREAT peice of advice at NMRT Resume Review Service: Always tailor cover letters to address the list of duties and requirements point by point. Once I began doing that, my responses went up Heavily and I got a three offers and a job within two months. Also DATA CD's with writing samples and a portfolio are a nice touch. B/C you already have a cafepress account, you can order in bulk and they are about $2 each. This way you can put custom screened artwork and have a nice jacket etc... But the thing is that even if they don't look at it, they will remember you.
I make nice cover letters, Galina says mine are the best she's ever seen :P The problem with this one interview... is I knew the company, was known by several in the company, and for the heck of it turned in a resume and cover letter with the "does have a place for me?" So I didn't hear what they were thinking of hiring me for, until I got there, since they hadn't listed anything or spoke with me before the interview. :P That is NOT the norm, and I know it. In fact when I submitted my stuff there were no job openings at the company. But when the entire marketing department is continuously dropping your name... you get noticed. ^_^

As to the Data CD's, I really haven't been applying places where writing samples would be required. I could get a job essentially ghost writing and making memos seem both accessible, more fleshed out, and from a well educated mind for some of the higher-ups in an Insurance company... but I want credit for my work, and I refuse to make other people's writing look good. That seems like plagiarism to me. Bleh.