Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

things of late...

Well I did retrieve my diploma, and have sense had it framed and mounted on the wall for proud display. Sine I turned in my writing samples I've heard nothing else from them, or anything for the other places I have applied to. I'm about due for a follow-up at one of the places. I hate the precarious game you have to play, follow-up too much and you annoy them, may disqualify you for the job, and seem to desperate... don't follow-up at all and you're usually not even considered seriously anymore. So finding a proper balance is a pain in the rear.

I attended a blot/symbel out at House Wodening this past weekend, and as always Tee's food was quite tasty. I must acquire the wassail recipe she used... *licks her lips* It was nice to be able to attend a blot/symbel again. The last one I attended was some time back when tamyris tested for and passed her Aerweard (I know I butchered the spelling on that) exam in the Ealdriht sometime in March. My thesis and work has just made it difficult for me to get away on weekends... and one of the jobs I applied for, if I get it, I won't have weekends free. *sighs* So I better enjoy these things while I can.

Recently high school friends stumbled back into my life, and it's amazing to see them all again... though I think I'm still a bit shellshocked I could have never imagined two of them dating, let alone with someone seriously for a long time, nor the one going into the military... he was such a goth when I knew him in HS. Times change I guess... but the experience has been pleasantly surreal.

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