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icon icon icon icon

This is a gratuitous icon posting... isn't it nifty?

And let's face it... I'm sure this is how just about everybody feels, even people who have already decided who they are voting for, most of them wish there is a better candidate before them then the one they have chosen.

I picked this icon up from wmchichiri.


Cute Icon...check out my new political Icon too! Yes, I'm voting for Bush, he's the better of the choices avalible, but yeah, I do wish there was a better candidate avalible.
sorry, I detest the shrub with a passion. Pity Edwards didn't win the primary, I was rooting for him or Clark... although Clark was really only strong in foreign policy, and really was rather clueless on domestic.

I'm debating between Kerry or a write-in. And I saw your icon... I love Snape. ^_^

Oh, speaking of Snape. I did do a bit of an update on that fic I'm writing, added a bit in the first chapter to give an intro to how the Marriage law came into being. I've also added another chapter since you read it. I'm working on the chapter with the wedding now...ugh, making up an origional wedding cerimony is difficult.
Ah. :) I'll give it a read later and give you feedback. I'm always nervy about giving feedback the first time or so with someone... some people don't take it well... but I give it how I like to have it, so that you know what's working, and you know where it's not, and how to make it better. :) I'm glad to know that it seems like you found it useful. :)

Oh query... are you interested in any episodes of Detective Loki Ragnarok? It's a Japanese Animated series, the episodes are digital and will play on a computer, it's subtitled in English. The entire story is taken from Norse mythology... given it's on twist, but it's fun nonetheless. Loki, Freyja, Thor, Heimdall, Freyr are the main characters, but the Norns and other Gods/Godesses make appearances as well.