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French Rugby Calendar... naked men (mainly with their assets covered).


Hubba hubba.


mmmm, nice pics.

Oh, and just saw the review you left for me at Ashwinder...thanks!

I'm working on the wedding chapter now, with lemons! I think I'm almost done with it, but then again when I've said that on some other chapters I end up with an additional 3K words to add in.
You know I do admire your consistency with writing. I mean that specifically in regards to the time you put towards it. I have so many things I want to write/need to write... and very little gets done. I think a large part of that is just burn out from my thesis... I think the rest is just stress at being 2 months out of grad school, and still unemployed. *grumbles*

So here's hoping your time commitment to writing ethic is contagious :P