Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

the work situation...

The job hunt continues with no real bites outside of the 1 interview I had near a month ago... and they won't be making any sort of decision until after they move next month. *sighs* So while I've been on limbo with that 1 potential job, I've been actively pursuing other options. You wouldn't think that someone with a MA, and who has been working for a number of years with some impressive experience would have so much trouble... but the job market is just horrendous in the area right now.

I've only got a few bucks left between checking and savings... and I'll have some bills coming in I'll need to pay mid next-month. So I've been doing the somewhat painful task of going through my belongings and seeing what I can part with and potentially sell. The big thing last night was a lot of my supplies from glass and metals... next I'll be going through my jewelry supplies to see what I can part with. I think I have some silver sheet metal and some silver jewelry wire I know I won't be using for quite some time that I might be able to find a home for.

Outside of that I've been going through books, my various collections, decor... anything that I can bear to part with... Bleh, this bytes.

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