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the work situation...

The job hunt continues with no real bites outside of the 1 interview I had near a month ago... and they won't be making any sort of decision until after they move next month. *sighs* So while I've been on limbo with that 1 potential job, I've been actively pursuing other options. You wouldn't think that someone with a MA, and who has been working for a number of years with some impressive experience would have so much trouble... but the job market is just horrendous in the area right now.

I've only got a few bucks left between checking and savings... and I'll have some bills coming in I'll need to pay mid next-month. So I've been doing the somewhat painful task of going through my belongings and seeing what I can part with and potentially sell. The big thing last night was a lot of my supplies from glass and metals... next I'll be going through my jewelry supplies to see what I can part with. I think I have some silver sheet metal and some silver jewelry wire I know I won't be using for quite some time that I might be able to find a home for.

Outside of that I've been going through books, my various collections, decor... anything that I can bear to part with... Bleh, this bytes.


Hope you find something soon. I know money issues really suck and we've been going through and pawning things lately too.
thankfully since I'm at home I don't have to worry about rent, utilities, food, or gas... but I have other bills I have to pay off on... and with a developing situation with my sister and her son, I really don't want to have to go asking for money from my parents. *sighs*

You know... depending on what your husband is capable of, did he ever consider trying to advertise himself as a handiman sort of service? Or are his skills very specialized?
Actually, he went into the self-employed handyman business several years back...NEVER AGAIN! Well, it could be something to do on a part-time basis...possibly. But, we ran into so many problems during that time that it can be more trouble and expense than you get out of it.

His skills aren't too specalized though...he does interior finish out on commercial construction (metal stud framing, drywall, tile ceilings) as well as things like window instalation, ceramic tile, minor carpentry.

He also has an associates in communications...but that doesn't do him much good as the TV industry (he did technical directing for a while) doesn't pay much at all.

So, for now he's god a job that will get us by, and he's sending out resume's and making phone calls for a better job which he can hopefully find soon.
well good luck, I know how bad the market is right now. *sighs*

good luck, i know how brutal this process is. Let me know if you'd like help with job research or whatnot. Unfortunately I had to get damn good at that. BTW I happenned across LOTR posters as a yalsa promo, want one?
Thanks. I'd be willing to hear what suggestions you have. I've tried h-net for academic stuff, hit the governor's online job bank, check with the local city governments positions, the texas library job posting service, non-profit job postings, the major net places like monster, hotjobs, careerbuilder, hit the clasifieds of the local paper... network via friends and family... you get the idea.

Hmmm, sure, if you have more than 1 you're trying to get rid of I can find happy homes for them as well.