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My gods... I had NO idea it had been so long since my last post.

Yes I have a job now... one with excellent benefits, a great atmosphere, and less than a 10 minute commute. :)

I'm toying with the notion of trying to set money aside to attend Harrowmoot... I'm being hit on my head by Frigga to go... and I can't believe I'm seriously considering it... with my allergies, bad back, and my... fear of public camp showers. I recall too many of them from my earlier years, full of arachnids, mosquitos, lizards, and frogs...


If last year is anything to go on, it was too cold for insects and allergies. I'm thinking about trying to attend to...maybe by myself, but right now schedules and finances are so up in the air that I'm not making any deffinite plans.
unfortunately in Texas I have year round allergies. >_<

Every heathen campsite i've gone to has been clean w/ no spiders (you know how i am about bugs). BUt i gotta admit, I didn't shower either at ECT or the Yule weekend :P Those showers were just naSTY
I like CLEAN plumbing and facilities, ya know?
Congrats on the Job & Have a wonderful Yule! Its great to hear everything has worked out for you so well.
the LOTR calendar thingie you sent me is up in my cubicle.