Trickster's Daughter (lokis_dottir) wrote,
Trickster's Daughter

As I enter far more firmly into a new phase of my life... I can see and feel Frigga's guiding hand in many things, and this year is the year of what I like to call "time to get your house in order." Part of this is becoming fiscally fit, and careful budgeting. I've got a sizeable chunk of student loans to pay off as well as generic bills as well. Part of this is to live healthier... being out of graduate school has managed to eliminate a great deal of stress from my life, and from that alone I've lost 15 pounds since August. I'm slowly making gradual adjustments to my diet... trying to cut back from my primary diet of breads and cheeses, to something not quite as bread heavy and adding in far more veggies and fruits. I'm reducing the number of sodas I drink during the day... making sure I drink more water. And once I feel a bit better then I do currently (major allergy problems at the moment) have plans to start exercising regularly again, even if it's just walking for a while. Every journey begins with a single step... and I have no problem making 'baby' steps versus trying to go for big impossible leaps, or leaps so hard on you they end up causing their own added stresses.

Work remains quite pleasant, I've really been granted a great workplace with great colleagues. It is so refreshing to be at a place of work that they recognize your talents and come to you for your knowledge, expertise, and opinions... and I really love the team oriented work environment. We may all have our specific duties... but we all chip in if someone is overwhelmed with a deadline bearing down on them.

I'm not one for camping, allergies, bad back and knee... phobia of bugs... but it does appear I'll be going to Harrow Moot this year... why? When you get smacked by the Norns and Frigg... you don't ask questions, you go. I feel myself strongly being pulled to go this year. The upside is I'm sure I can get Pollington to autograph my copy of Leechcraft... and my oath-sister should be coming down as well. I do miss her and it's always nice when we can get a visit in, but ugh. I expect a weekend of misery... maybe the gods will take pity on me, make the weather mild, the bugs non-existent... and no pollen, fungus, or mold about.

Yeah, right.

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