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a Harrow-ing Time

I've been recovering from Harrowmoot, working, collapsing once I get home, trying to catch up on sleep, ie hibernate, and at the same time try to motivate myself to do some needed things, like cleaning and laundry. The cleaning I accomplished tonight, the laundry will have to wait for this weekend. Unfortunately, I left behind my towel in the cabin I was using. And what sucks is it's a special towel I had imported from Japan originally, so it'll be a pain to replace it, if I can even find it anymore. I'm trying to scrounge up info on the park now to see if MAYBE they have a lost and found, if not I'm still waiting to hear if perhaps those in charge of Harrow Moot, noticed it, and took it themselves to try to find the owner. *sighs*

My oath-sister, tamyris came down for Harrowmoot, I picked her up from the airport, drove her down to the campgrounds, stayed the weekend with her, then returned her to the airport on Sunday. It is always a good thing to see her, but it sucked that we didn't get quality time. It was nice however for me to meet the people, particularly those from her maethel, so I can finally have a face to go with the names. It was a pity that I wasn't able to spend more time with them either... I would ahve liked to have gotten to know them far better, afterall they are important to my sister.

Tee and Swain gifted me with period dress, which I wore to the high sumbel; it's such a striking vibrant blue, I absolutely adore it. It needs a bit of taking in, but that can easily be done. The high sumbel, was something else. It was done in Theodish style... and it's the first time I've every actually FELT the wyrd shifting from hail to hail over the horn. It was like a jolt of electricity sometimes when I held the horn, the energy was so very wild, even erratic.

I have a feeling, that my renown grew from this weekend, in a good way, I received many compliments on my hails over the horn and my acute perceptions on various things. I have always been most aligned with tribalist ethics, and in many ways theodish thews; that being said however, I will never oath into any theodish group unless they freely welcome Loki in their midst. I know it's a thing that raises many eyebrows, my being Loki's, and working much with both Him and Frigga. People before they meet me, I think suspect some gothic chica, or some loon, and are surprised to find an intellectual who is, rather sane I suppose. Unfortunately I have become accustomed to being somewhat ostracized in being Loki's... just fromt he heathen community at large, and although that is annoying, I could not be anything less than I am. Loki is an integral part of my heart, and as inseparable as the air I breathe to susatin my life here.