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upcoming things...

Between my own spiritual work, and my academic work, and my work on o0ther hobby areas of interest that certainly are secular... I've been very very busy, and really I feel like I haven't gotten really anything done. I'm both procrastinating and stagnating, and it's takin quite a bit of effort to get any sort of a jump start into my lagging system.

Though the next Interkindred blot in my area will be on Oct 18th, hosted by the very generous Tee and Swain of White Sage at their house. Diana Paxson is set to be attending and doing soem Seidhr.

*pokes her oath-sister* Hey aren't you working with Diana? You really should play nice go-between. I'd like to arrange things ahead of time so I can see if I can record it. I'm sure it'll be useful for my thesis, and will make my anthropology committe chair happy. He just loves going out and getting into things be it participant observation or something similar. And I am doing my masters thesis on magicoreligious attributes of the teutonic/scandinavian/anglo-saxon traditions and the modern day asatru. Probably address gender concerns... but I haven't quite narrowed down the field yet to someting a bit more specific in scope.

So work those connections sister, or I'll take the spear I bought you and save Odin the trouble of pinning you to something. *smiles sweetly*


Speaking as Diana's Doughty Sidekick, she'd have no problem with a session being recorded -- we're rather keen on that sort of thing, actually, when the querents permit...

-- Lorrie
Good grief I know I'm a grad student and never in bed before 5am CST, but it's gotta be what 3am out on the Pacific Coast (I do believe that's where you are located....) so what are YOU doing up?

And that would be GOOD. I'll have to see what sort of incentive I can give my roomate for the opportunity of borrowing her camcorder. She barely let's me borrow her cd's, and they're 5 feet from where she stores them in her room, where I put them in mine. @_@

2:39 PDT, actually -- two hours behind ye.

We've never tried videotaping, and I've never asked her about it. However, she's been amenable to transcripts and audio taping in the past -- the next thing to do may be to e-mail her yourself.

-- Lorrie
As I thought about 2 hours behind, hey I was rounding up to the nearest hour :P

Ya, but it's always nice to have someone who knows you and knows her to do the introducing. I'm a bit old fashion there. Hell I carry calling cards for goodness sake. And anyway at least this way she should hopefully know I'm not a crackpot, or rather no more cracked than any sane daughter of Loki.


Incongruous as that may seem.

And anyway, it allows me to tease my oath-sister; I have to get my fun., mayhem, torment, and onre quota for the week fulfilled somewhere.

*nods her head vigorously*
I just shot Diana an email before I read the comments here. Go, Lorrie! :) Looks like you folks have it all taken care of.