March 3rd, 2004



K, G, & S.. at this point and time I love you. You really helped make a very stressful day at least a bit easier, and my gratitude knows no words to fully express it.

My day... 10 hours of wading through Institutional Research Board forms so that when I *INTERVIEW* a couple of subjects for my thesis, I can be in full institutional and Federal compliance.

UGH, the questionairres are so obviously geared towards medical and psychological research, and although a couple of aspects may pertain TO what I'm doing... the majority of the questions don't, yet I have to answer them, in lengthy detail. Make consent forms, submit e-mail copies of how I "obtained" my research subjects, gee I told them what I was doing, asked for an interview, and they said yes. HOW HARD IS THAT TO F-CKING UNDERSTAND????

What is the need for me to go through this rigamarole? And when I thought I was done and I called the office to see where I turned the forms into... I decided, hey let's double check and make sure I'm not missing anything.

I should have only had to do the easy 'exempt' status form... but *NOOOO* since the questions and scope of the interview is religious (irregardless of the fact that technically those I am interviewing are public figures of this religion, both with a variety of articles and some books published under their name in this very field... I have to do the other, tedious, assinine, redudnant form.

They automatically assume confidentiality... um what happened to quoting someone? You know good old basic journalistic concept of an interview... Hell even when I did Oral histories as part of the UTA's pproject "Women in Arlington" I just needed them to sign a consent form.

But this rigamarole, over WANTING TO INTERVIEW people is ridiculous. If I knew what it entailed I probably would have just scrapped it entirely... I didn't need the added stress or headache. So now I have 3 forms, printed out e-mails of how I obtained my "subjects", a printed out script of my interview questions, a consent form, made by me, and tomorrow I'll need to make an alternative consent form. Submit it, tell them what I would prefer, but if I can't have that, at this point in time I'm running out of time (takes 5 days for approval) I'll take the other version if I can get it. Here you make heads and tails out of YOUR mess.

Damn bureacratic hardasses.