May 6th, 2008


The best laid plans...

I ended up getting sick, and not being able to enjoy CAPE, the Asian Festival, or even Cinco de Mayo festivities. :( Good news is I'm slowly getting better. So my Walpurgis Night festivities have been delayed while I'm recovering.

On top of this I have discovered that my phone has decided to crap out, and how long this has been going on I have no clue. All calls go direct to voice mail. I'm not notified if there are any messages, and I can't call voice mail because my phone gets a error when it tries to call out to any number. The only thing I think is still working on it is the text messaging. I've got a replacement phone dad picked up a while ago, but it's been misplaced in the Black Hole of Calcutta known as my house. ^^; So of course I don't want to invest money on a phone when I have another handy. So I need to 1) find the phone and 2) take it to the store and have them transfer over my contacts, activate it with the number, and deactivate the old phone with that number. In the meantime if you need me, text (if you dare), email, or send me a note via LJ please.

Musings: The Dividing Line

Anyone who has been in the community for any reasonable length of time has become aware that undeniably there is a wide variety of opinion on nearly any topic within the community, even when people agree the details of how they might go about something can vary drastically. To me I see beauty in this. As a religion isn't a heartless law that dictates (at least it shouldn't be), but rather is a personal connection and the outward expression of what lies within someone's heart. Some people may use the word faith here where I used religion, as when they think of religion they see Organized religion with it's hierarchical structures and it's politics and not so much the individual connection between a person and their Gods..

It's probably why I ended up loving and achieving a Master of Arts in the Humanities; To describe that discipline in a nutshell, it's all about looking at life, and trying to understand more about something. In other words, the Humanities lives by Socrates' maxim, "the unexamined life is not worth living." But the Humanities understands that there are too many factors to every and the learn the truth about life, the universe, everything (aka 42 :P), but rather at best we can come closer to the truth, and if our scope is small enough come to some smaller truths which ripple back to the origination.

One of the bigger debates for a while now has been not only where does Loki fit in, but on a wider scale what do we make of the etins/jotuns?

Here is an excerpt of some of my rambling thoughts on the subject. Hey it's late, I'm medicated, and I'm not bothering to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. .

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