May 7th, 2008


To Remember

Sometimes the internet can be this wonderful place, where the most unlikely of things can turn to other subjects. Something that's been popping my way from a variety of friends is this recent story. Apparently there was a Harry Potter related roleplaying community which caused controversy because somehow it was referencing the Holocaust (not sure how, that's not my world, and really it's not important). But someone who had felt angered by it, didn't let it go, because her mother had known a woman who was a survivor, and the story was passed to her.

I think something that we as heathens respect, is the remembering, the telling of tales. There is a reason why we have a Goddess named Saga afterall, because our past is important. So for the rembering of this tale... I hail liz_marcs, and you can read the very moving entry here: