May 28th, 2008


NEWS: 1000 Year Old Viking DNA

This news story is appearing all over the international science community, and hitting tons of major publications in their science section. It's rather fascinating that we can get a DNA snapshot on the past, that sort of information can also help provide a more detailed understanding of the sort of cultural exchanges that may have occurred between different peoples in antiquity.

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Life, work & books

If I've been relatively quiet, it's because one of the big shows my company goes to annually is fast approaching, and many aspects of my job directly tie into the preparation & research for materials used at this show. I've been putting in long hours at work. But I am alive.

The Icelandic edition of the Eddas arrived safe and sound in the mail, part of the loot that tamyris picked up for me on her recent brief sojourn to the island. Now, it's making me want to learn Icelandic (which is one of the most grammatically difficult languages spoken & written today) so that I can read the Eddas in the original. In truth I know exactly what my oath-sib was thinking. She wants me to start dreaming about declensions, because I mocked her when she was trudging through some lessons a while back. Ah well, turn about is fair play. ^.^

I've got a stock pile of projects waiting for me at home when I have spare time, from research and writing some articles and a book, to artwork, to just the ordinary. Plus I've got some pleasure reading waiting for me, some movies, and I need to find the time to go spend time with friends. I need a clone.