June 16th, 2009


Things to make you laugh...

I needed some laughs, and got them today.

I love the decscription about this report of indecent exposure: "A man dressed as a Viking reportedly exposed his warhammer", if you actually want to read the entire article, try here: Wicked Local.com

Spike.com's PG Porno "It's everything you love about porn, without the sex" starring celebrities from tv, including some actors fans of Joss Whedon will no doubt recognize from Firefly.

And for educational wrongness, try Isabelli Rosselini's Green Porno on the Sundance Channel. My favorites would have to be Season 1's Praying Mantis.

And for any of you (mainly the females on the friends list who watched Jim henson's Labyrinth when younger).. this walk down memory lane, is full of much snarky commentary and giggles.