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You know what I don't get, is why I keep getting tempted to buy things, when I need to be conserving funds. There's a chance I can go on a trip to Japan this September... and well, I really want to go. ^_^ I want to go to some of the temples in Kyoto, maybe the Meiji era shrine in Ueno park. And Ueno park is the perfect place to go, because we're trying to aim for the sakura blossoms, i.e. when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and that park is famous for the spring displays of color. :)

But then, I see an actual heathen related carving I like. It's absolutely gorgeous... but it's a chunk of change. And then some series go on sale on DVD for over 75% off their normal price... I still want to get me the Tree of Gondor watch from Lord of the Rings, I need to save some money to try to get myself up to NY to visit my oath-sister this summer.

Sometimes I think it's a conspiracy against me saving any money, except money that goes directly into my 401-k. *sighs*

This weekend, after Eostre festivities at House Wodening, I'll be going parts shopping on Sunday to upgrade my computer with an ethernet card, a DVD-RW, and then we'll install it. Also, we';ll be investigating the grinding sounds of my fan, to see if we can remedy that, it's driving me absolutely bonkers... and I may also pick me up a portable MP3 player.

It will come in handy when I travel ofor work, and especially if I do manage to make it to both NY and Japan, and I think I can get a good one for a fairly reasonable price.


I totally understand. Some time ago, I had to simply stop looking at cool stuff I wanted to buy. If I don't go to the mall, I'm not reminded of the really neat stuff I wish I had. If I don't cruise internet shopping, I'm not tempted to whip out the plastic and order something...Then again, never looking at stuff gets boring. *shrug*
well I rarely go to the mall. I go less than a dozen times a year, and usually because I am specifically lookign for a certain item, ie new shoes, some new jeans, etc.